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Benjamin Ferguson (1983) is an Assistant Professor in Ethics. He joined VU Amsterdam in 2015. Previously he worked as a lecturer in Political Philosophy at Universität Bayreuth (2013-2015). He completed his PhD in philosophy at the London School of Economics in 2013.

Ferguson’s primary research interests are within moral and political philosophy. His focus is on the ethical aspects of transactions such as exploitation, fraud, and colonialism. He addresses questions such as ‘how can it be wrong to benefit a person?’ and ‘what makes a transaction fair or unfair?’ He has also written about the relationship between deontic and evaluative moral frameworks (with Sebastian Kohler) and has defended a territorial rights-based account of the wrongfulness of colonialism (with Roberto Veneziani).

Ferguson has published essays in journals such as Economics and Philosophy and Res Publica and has contributed surveys on exploitation to the Oxford Handbook of Distributive Justice (OUP, forthcoming), the Routledge Companion to Business Ethics (Routledge, forthcoming) and the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics (OUP, forthcoming).

Short video of dr. Ferguson announcing the 2016 PPE Masterclass (part of the VU Pre-University College):

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