Prof. Eric Bartelsman


Eric Bartelsman (1960) is Professor of Economics and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business at VU Amsterdam. He holds a BS from MIT and a PhD from Columbia University.

Prior to his appointment at VU Amsterdam in 2000, he served as economist at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington DC, as advisor to CPBN etherlands, and as Head of Economic Research at the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands. In 2007 and 2008 he was a member of the Netherlands Council of Economic Advisors (REA), in 2012-13 he was non-resident Fellow of DG ECFin and presently he is Research Visitor at the ECB.

His teaching ranges from first-year lectures to PhD seminars. His research interests are in the area of productivity growth, both from a micro and macro vantage point, and have led to publications in top journals. Bartelsman is a Fellow of the Tinbergen Institute and IZA Bonn.

Trailer (2013) by prof. Bartelsman for a MOOC (massively online open course) called Political Economy:
(this specific course is not part of our PPE programme, but we do have a similar course: Global Political Economy)

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