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Govert J. Buijs (1964) studied political science, philosophy and theology at VU Amsterdam and at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto, Canada. He currently holds the Abraham Kuyper Chair for Political Philosophy in relation to religion and worldview at VU Amsterdam, Faculty of Humanities. He also teaches ‘philosophy of economics’ at the Faculty of Economics at this university.

Earlier research concerned the nature of totalitarian ideologies. His present research interests concern the role of religion and morality in the interplay of politics, civil society and the market. He recently published articles on e.g. the European Burgher Culture (in Religion, State and Society, 2013), ‘monotheism and violence‘ (in A. Vanney (ed.), Violence in Civil Society: Monotheism Guilty? 2013) and ‘ideologies and global Christianity’ (forthcoming in the Blackwell Companion to World Christianity, 2015) and, in cooperation with others, edited books on ‘the Transformation of civil society’ (2009) and on ‘Religion and democracy’ (2013).

Buijs regularly writes columns and articles in Dutch newspapers and opinion magazines and is invited frequently as a commentator on radio and TV programmes. In December 2015 he received a large grant from the Templeton Foundation for a research project on Moral Conditions for the Market.

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