Dr. Lia van Wesenbeeck

Agricultural Science, Economics, Medicine

Lia van Wesenbeeck
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Dr. Lia van Wesenbeeck (1970) is an expert in general equilibrium theory and applications, in particular focusing on the inclusion of institutions that facilitate cooperation between agents within or outside markets, and on spatially and socially explicit modelling of interactions between people. In this context, she has a keen interest in studying historical and cultural embedding of local institutions and governance mechanisms. In addition, she has extensive experience in spatially explicit statistical analysis of survey and map data, and profiling of vulnerable groups, including their embedding in larger social networks.

She has been the principal researcher of various externally funded research projects, and team leader of in the EU 7th Framework project “CLIMAFRICA”, on the impacts of climate change on the African continent. Her publications cover the fields of mathematical economics, applied socio-economics and interdisciplinary approaches to food security and poverty.

She serves on various national and international committees: among others,  she has been a member of the Senate Working Group ‘Successes in development: where, why and what is the evidence?’, she was the Dutch expert at the Round Table on monitoring food security, and is Chair of the International Advisory Committee for the Global Challenges Program of the Dutch Foundation for Scientific Research (NWO/WOTRO) since 2013.



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