Dr. René van den Brink

(Cooperative) Game Theory, Microeconomic Theory

Rene van den Brink
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Rene van den Brink (1964) is Associate Professor in Mathematical Economics at the Department of Econometrics and Operations Research at VU Amsterdam. He studied Econometrics at Tilburg University where he also defended his Phd thesis entitled ‘Relational Power in Hierarchical Organizations’.

His main research interests/expertise are in the fields of Game Theory, Economic Theory and Networks, but also extends to other fields as Social Choice Theory, Discrete Mathematics, Operations Research and Water Allocation Problems. His main research topic is to study  relational structures in economic organizations, combining Game Theory and Networks. Also other applications, for example to Operations Research and Environmental Economics are studied.

This research resulted in about 65 publications, including journals such as Games and Economic Behavior, the International Journal of Game Theory,  the Journal of Economic Theory, Social Choice and Welfare, the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, the European Journal of Operational Research and Social Networks.

Since his employment at VU Amsterdam (2001), Rene van den Brink has been teaching courses on Mathematical Economics and Quantitative Methods in programmes on ‘Econometrics and Operations Research’, ‘Bedrijfskunde’ and ‘International Business Administration’. Before that he has been teaching courses in programmes of Economics and Mathematics at Tilburg University, Nijmegen University, Utrecht University and the University of Texas at Arlington.

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