1,75 Million for Research about Future of the University

René van Woudenberg, together with colleagues Rik Peels and Jeroen de Ridder, received the grant for a large interdisciplinary research project on the primary responsibilities of the university in the field of knowledge and education. Van Woudenberg is professor at the VU Department of Philosophy and part of the PPE Teaching Staff. The three-year project received the grant of 1,75 Million Euros from the Templeton World Charity Foundation.

Credibility of Science under pressure

By economization, fraud and misunderstanding the credibility of Science is under pressure. The usefulness of the humanities is disputed and reduced academic education to vocational training. In this project, philosophers collaborate with empirical scientists.

Research project “The Epistemic Responsibilities of the University ‘

Peels, De Ridder and Woudenberg will try to clarify the central knowledge values ​​of the university and develop alternative educational models in which an intellectual and personal growth of students at its core. In addition, they will demonstrate the unique contribution of the humanities in education and research.

Rik Peels:

“In the intense debate on scientific research and education, we want to clarify the responsibilities of the university. Knowledge, wisdom, personal developments and academic integrity are the most important. The results of this study provide a solid basis for discussions and policy on the future of the university. “

For more information, please contact Rik Peels at 0031 – (0)20 598 3406

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