Our Mission and Values

The John Stuart Mill College

The motivation for the start of our PPE programme originates from the conviction that many contemporary societal issues require professionals who are willing and able to transcend disciplinary boundaries. Whether we are examining the lessons to be learned from the financial crisis of the last decade, the challenges of a globalizing world, or the appropriate response to environmental questions, a proper analysis of such complex questions draws on expertise from philosophy, political science and economics rather than relying exclusively on one of these perspectives.

The mission of the John Stuart Mill College: to educate tomorrow’s leaders, so that we get better decisions for a better world

VU Amsterdam

The three core values of VU Amsterdam are openness, responsibility and personal engagement. The PPE bachelor programme of the John Stuart Mill College presents a strong expression of these values. The programme also realizes important themes of the profile of VU Amsterdam: diversity, internationalization, and excellence (read more).

The values and mission of VU Amsterdam are also reflected in the organization of the programme. Teaching our PPE programme within the John Stuart Mill College makes students part of a strong intellectual and social community. The programme is small-scale and intensive, has an international classroom, a strong collaboration with foreign partner programmes, and engages with real world issues at every level of its curriculum.