Tuition Fee

The PPE programme of the John Stuart Mill College is one with a “distinctive feature of small-scale and intensive education.” Taking this feature in account, the tuition fees for 2017/2018 have been established as follows:

  • Students of EU/EEA countries who have not yet been awarded a degree in the Netherlands: approximately: €4.000
  • Students of non-EU/EEA countries: €11.000
  • Second degree tarriffs: €11.000

In some situations, nationals of non EU/EEA countries are liable for the same tuition fee as nationals of EU/EEA countries. More information can be found here. There is a possibility  to apply for a PPE scholarship. For more information, see here.

More information on paying the tuition fee (on the website of VU Amsterdam).

Background information on fee

NVAO logoThe J.S. Mill College was awarded the “Distinctive feature of small-scale and intensive education” by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Council (NVAO) and was on this basis granted special approval by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science with regard to the selective admission of students and setting the level of tuition fees (in accordance with Articles 6.7, 6.7a, 6.7b and 6.7c of the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act (WHW)).

The fact that the J.S. Mill College fulfilled the NVAO requirements and obtained this special status implies that it can select students (done previously under special WHW provision) and impose statutory tuition fees that are higher than those set down by law for standard programmes.

The fees are used to support the J.S. Mill College as an intensive and small-scale study programme that offers students an enhanced learning experience and personal tutoring, to support the diversity of the international community of the J.S. Mill programme, and to support extracurricular activities.

Implications for PPE students eligible to pay the statutory tuition fee:

  • Students who obtain a tuition fee loan from the Dutch government (collegegeldkrediet) can obtain the loan for the full amount of the statutory tuition fee for the J.S. Mill College, and not only for the amount for standard programmes. For more information on the tuition fee loan in general, students should consult the website of DUO.
  • Payment of the statutory tuition fee for the J.S. Mill College in installments is possible, in accordance with the standard practices of VU Amsterdam with regard to allowing payment of tuition fee in installments. It is usually only possible if you can pay by direct debit from a Dutch bank account. For information students should contact the VU Student Desk.
  • If a student stops studying at the J.S. Mill College, then refunds of the statutory tuition fee for the J.S. Mill College also become possible in line with the standard practice of VU Amsterdam with regard to tuition fee refunds. For more details students should contact the VU Student Desk.