PPE Incubator Fund

The PPE Incubator Fund provides a setting in which blue-sky, non-traditional thinking is encouraged. Students are encouraged to develop their own extracurricular projects, which they then propose to PPE staff. These proposals include a detailed project schedule, budget, aims and outcomes. While incubator projects must be partially externally funded, the John Stuart Mill College also sets aside a yearly budget of `matching funds’. The input from the Advisory Board and professional networks will proof invaluable for the development and organization of incubator projects.

Criteria that a project must meet

  • A project proposal must be developed and submitted by a team of at least 3 students;
  • Each proposal must get support from at least one organisation outside the John Stuart Mill College. Support should be in the form of a concrete contribution in cash or in kind;
  • The project must either be to the benefit of the community of the John Stuart Mill College, or to the benefit of society at large;
  • A project should have a length of at most one year. If the project aims to make a more long-term contribution, the proposal should make clear how the project might continue after a year without support from the Incubator Fund;
  • The proposal should be written in the format provided for Incubator Projects – which includes a planning, budget, communication plan, stakeholders and partners, goals and deliverables;
  • The financial contribution provided by the Incubator Fund will vary, but is on average about €1.000.

What are we looking for in projects?

The John Stuart Mill College prefers to fund projects which:

  • Have a clear connection to the subject area of Philosophy, Politics and Economics
  • Enable the project team to put knowledge and skills acquired throughout the programme in practice;
  • Are innovative and display blue-sky, non-traditional thinking
  • Are based on a sensible, well thought through plan


  • An Incubator Fund Committee will be established, which decides on which projects get funded. The Committee will consist of the Coordinator Outreach Activities (= Ben Ferguson in 2016-2017), the Dean, and a junior lecturer.
  • Students can send their proposal to the Coordinator Outreach Activities, who will serve as secretary to the Incubator Fund Committee.
  • There will be two deadlines a year for submitting project proposals, namely the last Friday before the start of periods 3 and 6 (in the academic year 2016-2017 this will be Fri. 6 Januari 2017 and Fri. 2 June 2017).
  • On Wednesday in the third week of periods 3 and 6 there will be a public event in which winning proposals are presented to the JSM community (in the academic year 2016-2017 this will be Wed. 25 Januari 2017 and Wed. 21 June 2017).
  • The Incubator Fund Committee maintains the right to fund less projects than for which budget is available, or even no projects at all if the quality of the proposals is judged to be insufficient.