Student Council John Stuart Mill College

students in discussion

The Student Council of the John Stuart Mill College is the body that monitors and represents the interests of students of the college. It consists of five students which are annually elected for a one-year term by all PPE students that are part of the John Stuart Mill College. The JSM Student Council:

Any PPE student can approach the JSM College Council for matters that are of importance to the community. The Council will treat the information provided by colleagues or students as confidential. The JSM Student Council gathers once a month.

In addition, three of the members of the JSM Student Council are appointed by the Dean as student-member of the PPE Board of Studies (in Dutch: ‘Opleidingscommissie’). This degree program advisory committee monitors the quality of education, discusses possible issues within the curriculum, and gives advice about the development and implementation of educational policy at the John Stuart Mill College. The PPE Board of Studies consists of six members in total – the three other members are part of the PPE Teaching Staff.