PPE Student Society – KallioPPE

The PPE Student Society – KallioPPE, run for and by students, offers a range of activities that are fun and/or contribute to relaxation, networking, or personal growth.* The John Stuart Mill College asked them to introduce themselves, so below you can find what you may be in for next year!

“Dear PPE Enthusiast,

It’s good to have you here. About a year ago, we came to this website ourselves. Hopeful, scared and a little bit intimidated by all the prospects The John Stuart Mill College offered us. After a tough selection procedure, we were delighted to be accepted into this wonderful community. Even before we had our very first exams, we were burdened with the task of setting up our very own Study Association. However amusing the name PPE McPPEface sounded to all of us, we have settled with the more decent name KallioPPE, a Greek goddess of epic poetry. Now you might wonder whether we are a poetry club but we can ensure you that we haven’t had a Poetry Slam Event (yet). On the other hand, we have started planning some activities for all of us students now studying PPE at the VU. Some examples are the Election Night back in October and a Pub Quiz more recently. We also like to integrate Dutch culture into the international community and celebrated Sinterklaas together in our social area at the John Stuart Mill College on the fourth floor of the VU Main Building.

We are a small but active community, with prospects of growing rapidly. Since we have only just started KallioPPE, there are lots of things you can do and get involved in and of course we urge you to do so. For example, we are aiming to organize an annual study trip as well as an amazing freshmen weekend to start of your time at the JSM College with a bang. Other projects include conferences, MUNs, TEDx’s, movie nights, borrels (drinks) and pretty much everything else you can think of.  By becoming active in one of our committees, you will help form KallioPPE and discover your own professional skills in the process.

The currently established committees include:
– Conference

– Excursion

– Publication

– Social

– Study

However, KallioPPE is growing as a Study Association and more committees will definitely be initiated over the next couple of years.  This also depends on your ideas, plans and desires.

Study Association KallioPPE offers to bring all PPE students, whether international or national, together to become part of a tight international community. It will be a great pleasure to welcome you during the introduction week at the end of summer. We hope you will join us on our very first Freshmen weekend to ensure you will be a part of our vibrant community.

For further information or questions, you can visit our Facebook page, Instagram or send an email to sakallioppe@gmail.com.



* Subject to certain conditions, at VU Amsterdam students who devote part of their time to running a study association may in some cases be eligible for additional financial support. Some of those conditions relate to the association itself and some to the individual student’s situation.