PPE Scholarships

The PPE scholarships offer talented, prospective students the unique opportunity to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. PPE offers several scholarships for students for 2017/2018.

All PPE scholarship applications received by 1 March 2017 will be reviewed by the PPE committee. Awarding of the scholarships will be based on your contribution to diversity in the classroom, motivation, financial need, and merit as evidenced by your CV and transcripts. A scholarship offer will be made to successful candidates.

Eligible candidates

The PPE scholarships are for strongly motivated students with excellent study results. Eligible candidates must be able to prove their excellence, and they must be admitted to the PPE programme at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Scholarships amounts

The PPE scholarship is a tuition fee waiver for one year. The PPE scholarship does not provide any additional allowance towards study or living costs. The scholarship will be extended to the second and third year of the programme, but only if the full 60 ects are obtained before the start of the new academic year.

Application procedure

  1. Register for the PPE programme

Students should register for PPE in Studielink and after that in the VUnet portal. Please note that you must have applied for the PPE programme before you can apply for the PPE scholarship.

  1. Submit scholarship application

Submit your PPE application by sending it to , subject ‘application PPE Scholarship Programme’. Deadline: 1 March 2017.

For PPE scholarship applications 3 documents are required:

a. Proof of excellence/ GPA

Students who apply for a PPE scholarship need to have a GPA of at least 80% of the highest possible mark  (calculated over full previous degree). For example, if the highest possible mark is a 10,   you need to have an average of at least an 8.

Excellence in previous education is proven if the grade point average achieved is at least the equivalent of the Dutch grade of an 8.0  on the Dutch grading scale 1 – 10.

b. Motivation letter

We would like to know your motivation for the PPE scholarship. Why do you think you deserve and need to receive a PPE scholarship?

c. Financial plan

Provide us with a budget forecast for the full PPE programme, covering 3 years of study. Show that your sources of income are not sufficient to cover your costs, and that being awarded a PPE scholarship will allow you to cover all costs involved.

  1. Decision

The PPE Committee decides which students will be offered a PPE scholarship. The Committee makes a selection based on the criteria mentioned above.

  1. Results

All students will receive an e-mail/ notification informing them of the PPE scholarship Committee’s decision concerning their application.

Expected date: 1 April 2017 (4 weeks after deadline).

  1. Acceptance of offer

Selected candidates accept/ decline the PPE offer by email. Deadline: 15 April 2017 (2 weeks after the results are published).

Conditions PPE Scholarship

Current students

PPE scholars enrolled in the second year do not need to re-apply for the PPE scholarship for the second or third year. The PPE scholarship will be automatically extended for a second or third year provided that the awardee has obtained 100% of all ECTS in the programme.

Complaints procedure

Candidates who do not agree with the decision of the scholarship committee, may file a written complaint to, subject PPE Scholarship programme. Complaints regarding the application procedure (not the results!) should be addressed to the student ombudsman Mrs. drs. L. Poesiat, W&N building,  De Boelelaan 1081, Room S 246  and must include:

  • Your name and full address.
  • Details of the selection procedure that you do not agree with.
  • The grounds for your complaint: why are you unable to accept the application procedure?
  • Date and signature.

Other opportunities to fund your studies

Below you can find some other possibilities to (partly) fund your studies:

Study loan and/or grant from the Dutch government

  • Students from the Netherlands can apply for a study loan from the Dutch government (collegegeldkrediet), through DUO – IB-Groep. This is a loan that you need to re-pay after your studies, with interest. You can find more information (in Dutch), including how to apply for it, here. If the income of your parents falls below a certain threshold, you can apply for an additional grant (aanvullende beurs). This additional grant is a loan that will be turned into a gift if you graduate within 10 years. If you stop with your studies within 5 months, it will be a gift, too. You can find more information (in Dutch), including how to apply for the additional grant, here.
  • If you do not have Dutch nationality, but you study in the Netherlands, you may be eligible for a student loan and/or grant in some cases. You can find more information about this on the “foreign student” part of the DUO-website, which is available here.

Student discount on public transport

Dutch students receive a student travel card (studenten OV-chipkaart) as part of their student loan, giving them free or discounted travel on Dutch public transport. International students from EU/EEA countries may be eligible for a Dutch student loan, including the student travel card if they meet certain requirements. You can find more information here (in Dutch) and here (in English).

International students: Bring a loan or grant from your home country

  • It may be possible that you qualify for a student loan and/or grant in your home country. If you do, please check with your national authorities if you can use this funding for your study in the Netherlands. Student loans and grants have become increasingly portable, particularly within Europe, and you may be able to use this funding in the Netherlands.

International students: Scholarships

Finally, as an international student, there are various other scholarships that you may be able to apply for:

  • The website includes an online search engine for international students who want to study in the Netherlands and would like to obtain financial aid when doing so.
  • The website offers information on scholarships for international students who want to study in Europe.
  • Also is a website with information of funding for international students who want to study in Europe.