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Marije Martijn
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Marije Martijn (1974) is Associate Professor of Ancient Philosophy and Patristics at VU Amsterdam. She studied Classics in Groningen and obtained her PhD in Philosophy at Leiden University. Previous appointments include Leiden and Utrecht.

The research interests of Martijn concern a variety of aspects of the Neoplatonic philosophy of late Antiquity. She has worked on the Neoplatonic philosophy of nature and cosmology, the philosophy of mathematics and logic, the philosophy of science and epistemology, semiotics and aesthetics, and is especially interested in how all these fields interrelate in the thought of late Antiquity.

Martijn has published a monograph, two edited volumes, a translation, and papers in proceedings and journals. Martijn has obtained a number of research grants and awards, and is editor of the International Journal of the Platonic Tradition and a member of the board of the Prof. dr. C.J. de Vogelstichting (Dutch foundation for ancient philosophy).

Dr. Martijn speaking at a symposium (2014) on Euclid and the History of Philosophy:

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