18.8 Million for research on sustainable cooperation

Sustainable Cooperation: Roadmaps to a Resilient Society (SCOOP), an interdisciplinary  research program in which the VU is involved, has been awarded an €18.8 million grant by the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Jet Bussemaker. With the grant, which is part of the NWO Gravitation Program for excellent research, scientists from different universities and disciplines join forces and examine forms of sustainable collaboration in the areas of healthcare, work and integration. The programme is led by Rafael Wittek (Sociology), Naomi Ellemers (Psychology), Martin van Hees (Philosophy/PPE,), Bas van Bavel (History), Tanja van der Lippe (Sociology), Russell Spears (Psychology, RUG).

SCOOP is built on the assumption that collaboration is the key to resilient families, communities, and organizations. By working together, individuals can achieve results that they could not realize on their own. But why do we see some collaborations fall apart while others continue to function excellently over long periods of time? Are our current partnerships resistant to profound social change such as an aging population, large-scale migration, and the digital revolution? The gravitation grant for SCOOP, allows the researchers to do top-level university research into these questions for a period of ten years and collaborate at the highest scientific level.  Gravitation grants are funded by the Ministry, and The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) selected the research groups that received a Gravitation grant this year. The last grants were awarded in 2013.

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