All happy faces at the 2nd PPE- Bachelorday

Aaaand another PPE- Bachelorday will go down into the books as a great succes! Thank you all for coming. There were so many of you prospective students and parents that we hope that everybody had his/her questions answered. Most questions were about the entry- requirements, you can read them again here.
If you have more questions and/ or want more of PPE, then please come to our Tasterday the 22nd! You can sign up here. This day you will get the chance to be a PPE- student for a day and ask the PPE-staff and current students everything you could possible think of (well, perhaps not everything). We promise it will be interesting and as always, a lot of fun.

Oh and psst, did you know you are also welcome to do a ‘meeloopdag’? On this day you and one of our current PPE- students follow their regular schedule. This means you will attend lectures and/ or seminars together with the student that will be your host for the day. Highly recommended. You can sign up here.

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