Besides studying, debating and trying to come up with better decisions for a better world (to name a few things), our PPEs also have time to do other things. They mostly do that via our Student Association – KallioPPE. And as of today, their association is officially in business! Congratulations!

They wrote a welcome-letter to all (future) students:

“Dear PPE Enthusiast,

It’s good to have you here. About a year ago, we came to this website ourselves. Hopeful, scared and a little bit intimidated by all the prospects The John Stuart Mill College offered us. After a tough selection procedure, we were delighted to be accepted into this wonderful community. Even before we had our very first exams, we were burdened with the task of setting up our very own Study Association. However amusing the name PPE McPPEface sounded to all of us, we have settled with the more decent name KallioPPE …”

Want to read more of what it is KalioPPE does (and learn how they came up with that KallioPPE -name)? you can find it here.


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