Opening John Stuart Mill College

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics: Opening John Stuart Mill College

12 September 2017 14 – 17 hrs, @VU Auditorium (De Boelelaan 1105)
No entrance fee

Our world is changing. Migration, Brexit, the rise of a service-based and sharing economy, and increasingly fractious debates about trade are transforming the way we think about economics and politics. Understanding these changes requires a deeper understanding of the relationship between economics and politics. The new programme in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the VU’s John Stuart Mill college will provide a forum for students to study these issues and engage in debate in a diverse and international context, providing the training today’s students need to tackle pressing social questions as tomorrow’s leaders.

The programme

Bas Heijne (writer) interviews the former Dutch minister of Finance and vice-prime minister Gerrit Zalm, Herman Van Rompuy, former prime minister of Belgium and president of the European Council, and Catherine E. de Vries (Professor of Politics at the University of Essex). After each interview the students take the floor and engage in a debate with the speakers. Questions asked will concern the role of the EU after Brexit, the social and political impact of technological innovation, appeals for a renewed sense of community and its economic implications, and the economic and political challenges of migration. Michel Heijdra (Director Foreign Financial Affairs Directorate at Ministry of Finance) participates in a round table.

John Stuart Mill College

Last year the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam started the programme: Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE). The VU is the first university to offer a large comprehensive international PPE program in mainland Europe. It is an inter- and multidisciplinary study program that combines the strengths of its three fields and places a special emphasis on incorporating the different perspectives of its constituent disciplines. The programme’s three years of study enables students to take an active role in shaping the world’s future. At the fourth floor of the VU, the John Stuart Mill College provides the intellectual and social community of the PPE programme.


Opening by Yvonne Zonderop, chair


Conversation between Bas Heijne and Catherine de Vries


Students participate in conversation


Conversation between Bas Heijne and Herman Van Rompuy


Students participate in conversation


Conversation between Bas Heijne and Gerrit Zalm


Students participate in conversation


Panel conversation with Van Rompuy, Zalm, Heijdra, De Vries, Bas Heijne and students (moderated by chair and students)


Official opening JSMC by Jaap Winter (president VU) and Martin van Hees (professor of ethics and dean JSMC)


End and drinks

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