Peter Singer visiting and PPE on tour!

What a beautiful day lays ahead of us here at the JSMC! And no, the College did not become a lost-and-found. These are the bags of students and staff that already finished packing for India! Twenty PPE student and staff members will be going  to Mumbai to participate in the PPE Spring School, together with twenty students selected from universities in India. The event is jointly organized by John Stuart Mill College and the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR) in Mumbai. It is organized for the third time and this year’s topic is ‘Rationality and Choice’. The programme consists of three courses:

1. ‘The Economics of Human Flourishing: Utility, Happiness, and Capabilities’ by Paul Anand (The Open University; University of Oxford)

2. ‘Experiments in Economics and Philosophy: Surprises, Lessons, Implications’ by Kai Spiekermann (London School of Economics)

3. ‘Social Choice Theory: Economics, Ethics and Politics’ by Martin van Hees (John Stuart Mill College; VU Amsterdam)

During the week our students will have the opportunity to attend these lectures and live and work together with the Indian students on the IGIDR campus. The IGIDR is one the partner institutes of the John Stuart Mill College.

But before they will fly later today, the lucky firstyear PPE- students (and some prospective candidates for the upcoming year)  will first have Peter Singer visiting!

Singer’s ‘utilitarianism’ has had profound influence on scholars, politicians, policymakers, and so fort. Our students (and many many others across the world) read his books and articles during their Ethics course in semester 1. And now the lucky PPEs have the once in a lifetime opportunity to ask him everything about everything in a workshop organized exclusively for the PPEs.


What a day, what a day!

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