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PPE receives distinctive feature “small-scale & intensive education”

We are pleased to announce that our PPE programme has been awarded with the distinctive feature “small-scale and intensive education” by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Council (NVAO).

Based on a recommendation by the NVAO the Dutch minister of education, Jet Bussemakers, has granted the J.S. Mill College / VU Amsterdam, permission to select the best candidates and to ask for a higher tuition fee than for regular education programmes. The fees are used to support the PPE programme as an intensive and small-scale study programme that offers students an enhanced learning experience and personal tutoring, to support the diversity of the international community of the J.S. Mill College, and to support extracurricular activities.

About the distinctive feature

The distinctive feature has been awarded by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Council (NVAO). Programmes can qualify for this distinctive status provided that they meet the following requirements:

  • The teaching in small-scale and intensive programmes is considerably more intensive than that in standard programmes. Education is intertwined with extra-curricular activities so that an academic and/or professional community is created in which students and staff are much more closely involved with one another than is the case in standard programmes.
  • A feature of this type of programme is that the curriculum is inseparably connected to the social context, which facilitates the achievement of the attainment targets. In addition, there is a stringent admission procedure (including an individual intake interview) aimed at realising the optimal match between student and programme. In this respect, the focus is on academic and/or professional capacity and motivation.
  • The small scale of such programmes is an important condition for the creation and development of a high-level academic and/or professional community.
  • A recognisable educational environment including all related facilities is essential. After all, these programmes are intended for highly motivated and talented students. The learning outcomes realised by the students, the high level of the education provided and the success rates achieved should demonstrate that these programmes offer students an optimal education.

(drawn up in accordance with the principles set out for distinctive features in Chapter 7 of the Assessment Framework of the Higher Education Accreditation System)

More information on โ€œdistinctive featureโ€:
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