PPE Bachelorday 5/11 & Tasterday 16/11

Flyer PPE programmeTomorrow we will meet more than 1000 aspiring PPE- students with their parents at the John Stuart Mill College. PPE staff will give presentations about our PPE programme and students and staff members are available for questions at our information stand. The presentations are fully booked but if you still want to come then please do, the rounds at the end of the day have some spare seats left. If you are not able to make it or you are enthusiastic about the presentations, you can also sign up for our Tasterday Wednesday the 16th!

Do you meet our entry requirements and are you interested in our PPE programme? Would you like to get an actual feel of what it is like to study PPE? On Wednesday 16 November we organize a ‘PPE taster day’ at the John Stuart Mill College, VU Amsterdam.

You will follow a short class in each of the PPE disciplines (philosophy, politics and economics), followed by a ‘PPE in Practice’ session. During that session you will apply the knowledge that you have just gained to a real-world problem. You will meet potential fellow students. Of course during breaks you will also be able to ask questions to current VU students, our PPE student advisor or the PPE teaching staff. The day will end with drinks with current PPE students and staff.

Use this opportunity to discover whether studying PPE really suits you!

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