PPE goes MUN!

PPE goes MUN

After Friday’s seminars, 8 PPE students made their way to the UVA campus on Roeterseiland for the first day of three days of DAMMUN, a Model United Nations conference in Amsterdam organized by the study association of PPLE. The conference started with an opening ceremony and registration, after which it was possible to join a walking tour of Amsterdam and a comedy show with the other international delegates. Saturday was the day the real work started. 7 of our students were divided over the different committees as delegates, with Katie and Jeanne in the Historical Crisis committee, Simba and Luca in the Human Rights council, Nicolai and Florian in the European council, and Abe in the Economic and Social council. Avram chose to look from a different perspective and joined the MUN as chair of the Economic and Social committee.

What followed were two days filled with motions, resolutions, heated debate, and in the case of the Historical Crisis council even nuclear bombs. It wasn’t only hard work though, because Saturday night we could party at the club night with our fellow delegates and chairs. But all good things come to an end and so did this MUN, but not before two of our PPE students were given an award for their accomplishments over the weekend. Our congratulations to Simba and Abe, who won an honorable mention and the best delegate award respectively, and of course to the rest of the students for their hard work!

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