PPE US- Elections Allnighter at the John Stuart Mill College

ppe-us-electionsOne of the aims of the John Stuart Mill College is to create a vibrant academic community with PPE staff and students. To achieve this aim, the PPE Student Society plays a big role. Thanks to them, staff and students were able to watch the US Elections at the College the whole night (…). They organized a theme-night with American games, movieclips, popcorn, drinks, snacks, discussions and pizza for all. And even though the end result may not have been what some PPEs were hoping for, the first allnighter at the college will be remembered as legendary nonetheless!

You can have a small taste of what it would be like being a PPE student and be part of our community at the Tasterday, Wednesday the 16th of November. This day you will follow a short class in each of the PPE disciplines (philosophy, politics and economics), followed by a ‘PPE in Practice’ session. During that session you will apply the knowledge that you have just gained to a real-world problem. You will meet potential fellow students and of course, the current PPE- students and staff. We hope to see you there (you can sign up here)!

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