Ben Ferguson

Prestigious VENI Grant for Project on Fairness & Global Economy

Dr. Ben Ferguson, coordinator philosophy courses / integrated courses at the John Stuart Mill College, has received one of the prestigious VENI grants from NWO, the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research. Ferguson received this grant of €250.000 for his project “Fair for All: Making Room for Fairness in the Globalised Economy.”

About the project

Moral notions like equality and fairness play no role in economic theory. This project will develop a complement to mainstream economic theory that makes room for the value of fairness. This allows us to assess whether and when low wages are unfair and to identify other unjust economic activities. Information about VENI awards 2016 at NWO site.

About Ben Ferguson

Ben Ferguson has been assistant professor in ethics at the philosophy department of VU Amsterdam since  2015. He is also coordinator philosophy courses / integrated courses at the John Stuart Mill College. Before his appointment at VU Amsterdam he worked as lecturer in political philosophy at the Universität Bayreuth (2013-2015). He completed his doctorate in philosophy at the London School of Economics in 2013. The focus in his research is on the ethical aspects of transactions, such as exploitation, fraud and colonialism. He examines questions like ‘when is it wrong to benefit from a person?’ and ‘what makes a transaction fair or unfair?

About the VENI Grant Scheme

The VENI grants are part of the talent scheme of NWO, which offers individual grants to talented, creative researchers. The funding enables applicants to do their own line of research. This boosts innovative research and promotes mobility within scientific research institutes. The VENI grants are meant for researchers who have recently – less than 3 years ago – obtained their PhD.

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