Save the Dutch city of Leiden! (role-play)

Every Wednesday there are special events at the College, we call them the ‘EAs’, Extracurricular Activities. No studying but fun activities that are aimed at developing and improving other skills that we find the next generation leaders should have. Last week our students were invited to join us for a special game, a serious game to save the Dutch city of Leiden. What happened? Well it didn’t look good …

While the city of Leiden celebrates its annual holiday full of festivities, a big fire breaks out at a chemical factory. A disaster is about to occur. How should this crisis be managed? Should the city centre be evacuated? What should be communicated to the press and to the citizenry?

In this role play, teams had to make strategic choices under stress. Team work, keeping a calm and clear mind, strategic insight, and critical self-reflection were all required – and severely tested! The students learned a lot about how they themselves cope in crisis situations, and what it takes for a leader to handle a situation like this. We had a fun afternoon!

(FYI: besides acquiring new personal skills, our PPE- students were luckily also able to save Leiden and its inhabitants.)



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