Tasterday – Individual Tasterday

We had a full house last week when 65 prospective students visited us at the John Stuart Mill College for the Tasterday. The theme of the day was (how to) ‘Making Choices’ from a economic and philosophical perspective and ended with a workshop in political decision-making (negotiation skills anyone?). As you can see in the picture, learning how to make choices is big fun. PPE-students and staff also had a lot of fun, so thank you all for being there!img_0329
Couldn’t make it or want more? You can always come and visit us (again) for an Individual Tasterday. You will then be linked to one of our first-year students and get the chance to be a PPE-student for a day (and the opportunity to ask them all the questions you can think of). You can sign up here. Hope to see you soon!

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