So, you want to be a diplomat?

Wednesdays at the John Stuart Mill College are for extracurricular activities. This Wednesday we had a special guest. Sjoerd ten Wolde, a former student of one of our lecturers Roland Luttens but now a Dutch diplomat, shared his experiences about how to become a diplomat and what it is like being one. We can’t discuss things in too much detail because part of the job as a diplomat is obviously to be discrete (so we will be too), but we do like to share some of the things Sjoerd told us.
Next to being a representative for your country, a diplomat needs a lot of allround knowledge. You need to understand how the economy works, you need knowledge of politics, you need to give policy advice based on certain values and really important: you need to know how to link theory to practice. Sjoerd’s inside experiences were an exiting follow-up on the first PPE in Practice (PiP) course. Because our students found out that in this course they learned precisely that what Sjoerd shared with us: combining theoretical insights of Philosophy, Politics and Economics with practical skills!

So, you want to be a diplomat? Studying PPE would be a good way to start!

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