Small-scale & Intensive Education

Students participating in extra-curricular activity

The PPE programme of the John Stuart Mill College has been awarded the “Distinctive feature of small-scale and intensive education” by the the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Council (NVAO). Programmes can qualify for this distinctive status provided that they meet the following requirements:

  • The teaching in small-scale and intensive programmes is considerably more intensive than that in standard programmes. Education is intertwined with extra-curricular activities so that an academic and/or professional community is created in which students and staff participate.
  • The curriculum is inseparably connected to the social context, which facilitates the achievement of the attainment targets. A recognisable educational environment including all related facilities is essential.
  • The small scale of such programmes is an important condition for the creation and development of a high-level academic and/or professional community.
  • These programmes are intended for highly motivated and talented students. There is a stringent admission procedure aimed at realising the optimal match between student and programme. In this respect, the focus is on academic and/or professional capacity and motivation.

(drawn up in accordance with principles set out for distinctive features in Ch. 7 of the Assessment Framework of the Higher Education Accreditation System)

The special status is subject to review as part of the regular accreditation cycle (every 6 years). The learning outcomes realised by the students, the high level of the education provided and the success rates achieved should demonstrate that these programmes offer students an optimal education.

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