John Stuart Mill Honours Programme

Our whole bachelor programme PPE is, compared to regular VU Amsterdam bachelor programmes, already an honours programme in a sense – it is a highly selective and challenging programme. However, some excellent students may still want more. For them we offer a complementary John Stuart Mill Honours Programme in the second and third year of the programme.

Students who have been awarded a weighted average mark of 7.5 or higher in their first year (on a scale of 1 to 10, where 5.5 is a passing grade) may be invited by the Examination Board to participate. The selection criteria and procedure will each year be made known to all first year students.

The additional Honours Programme consists of the following elements:

A student that has participated in this John Stuart Mill Honours Programme and who has met certain requirements will receive a bachelor diploma with a transcript indicating that he/she has successfully completed this Honours Programme.  The requirements are the completion of the regular PPE bachelor’s programme within the nominal duration of study, a sufficiently high average (weighted) grade for all components of the programme, and meeting all the specific further requirements of the John Stuart Mill Honours programme.

Other ways to distinguish yourself

Of course there are also other ways to distinguish yourself as an excellent student. One way to do so is to participate actively in our extracurricular programme, by becoming a member of the Student Council of the John Stuart Mill College, by joining the board or one of the committees of the PPE Student Society, or to succesfully apply for a grant from our PPE Incubator Fund.