Personal Support System

Personal tutor

At the start of the programme, you will be assigned a tutor. Our tutors are doing research in the area of PPE as a PhD student, but also serve as junior lecturers in our PPE programme – leading the seminars that are part of each course (in addition to the lectures given by senior staff). Having already succesfully completed a bachelor and master programme, they know from their own, recent experiences what challenges you may face as a student. If possible, the same person will remain your tutor throughout the programme.  You will regularly meet with your tutor to discuss your study progress and any problems you may encounter in your course work. (S)he can also advice you on choices you need to make during the programme – such as which two tracks to select for the second year of your programme, or whether to study abroad or do an internship in the third year of your programme.

Student advisor

Jacqueline Braak

Jacqueline Braak

Another ‘element’ in our personal support system is our student advisor, Jacqueline Braak. She is available to all PPE students, and you can make an appointment with her to discuss a range of diferent issues. These include carreer choices after you finish your bachelor programme, possible arising doubts about whether our PPE programme is right for you, challenges you face as a student resulting from some handicap or chronic illness, questions about relevant rules and regulations, and problems in your personal life which interfere with your course work. She will listen to you and advice you on steps you could take to address these problems – and if necessary she will refer you to the available support services of VU Amsterdam.

VU Amsterdam support services

The John Stuart Mill College is part of VU Amsterdam, and as such our PPE students can make use of serval personal support services that the university offers. This includes the Student Ombudsman, the Course and Carreer Information Centre and the Student Psychologist Service, which offers both personal councelling in individual sessions and group trainings.