Internship / semester abroad

Students working at a large table

In their final years of studies, students must either study a semester abroad at one of the partner institutions of the John Stuart Mill College, or complete an internship.

Study abroad

We have partner institutions in different parts of the world: the U.S.A., Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. At the moment we are in the process of finalizing these partnership agreements. More information will be published at a later stage.

Internship programme

Students can also opt for an internship (national or international). Organizations at which students can take up an internship include NGOs, business firms, newspapers, ministries, and political parties. Students will be offered a choice of possible internships, but can also propose possibilities themselves. In particular, students will be encouraged to propose internships related to PPE incubator activities. The internship program is supported by the programme’s close contact with 23 non-academic professional practitioners across a wide range of industries in organisations such as ABN AMRO, Parliament, De Brauw/Blackstone, and the Ministry of the Interior.